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Monday, August 24, 2009

Last Days of American Crime, Shutter Island, Superman: Man of Steel, TV DVD News, Shazam!, Bourne 4, The Girl With The Red Riding Hood, Comic Previews

Last Days of American Crime

Comic Book Resources has a bit of news here that says that Rick Remender and Greg Tocchini's upcoming (to start in December) 3 issue Radical Comics mini-series is already being eyed for a film version. (Does it seem that, like it did with Broadway in the 1950's, Hollywood is letting the Comic Book world do all its thinking for it? Till that stops selling, of course.) Remender says: "I knew this book was going to need a supremely talented artist and a publisher to get behind it with full steam. Barry [Levine, Radical Publisher] loved the idea and told me to get any artist I wanted. I got Greg Tocchini. Soon Jeremy Berger roped in Alex Maleev for our covers and we had the dream team. The absolute perfect guys for a neo-crime book. Working with editor Luis Reyes, we've kicked the sh*t out of this story, its gone form great to amazing. I couldn't be more proud of it. The movie is the same story as the first arc of the comic. The novel we're doing will be the next story, same time period totally different characters. I'm already working on the screenplay, figure while I'm neck-deep in the story for the comic I should use that momentum to do both. Barry has brought in a few amazing A-list actors and if it comes together it'll be the biggest crime move in years." You can go to the above article and find out the subject of the story.

Shutter Island

DeadlineHollywoodDaily says here that Paramount's Martin Scorsese chilling serial killer film starring Leonardo DiCaprio has been moved from an October 2 release this year back to February 19th, 2010. The studio says the main reasons are a lack of financing (for the home video market) and DiCaprio's lack of availability to promote the film internationally. Brad Grey, the studios CEO, says, "Our 2009 slate was green-lit in a very different economic climate and as a result we must remain flexible and willing to recalibrate and adapt to a changing environment. Leonardo DiCaprio is among the most talented actors working today, and Martin Scorsese is not just one of the world's most significant filmmakers, but also a personal friend. Following a highly successful 2009, we have every confidence that Shutter Island is a great anchor to lead off our 2010 slate and the shift in date is the best decision for the film (and) the studio." What insiders are telling is that the later release is a hope for a big Oscar night (ala "Silence of the Lambs") for the scary film.

Superman: Man of Steel

MTV reveals here that James McTeague has a perspective for the planned 2011 reboot of the charater that hinge on Warner Brothers having a deadline before they loose a lot of character aspects due to the recent courtcase. We reported about that here, so no need to go into it again. McTeague said: "I think if I was ever going to go near Superman, I would do a complete reboot - take it in a direction that you would absolutely not expect, actually. So, that would be my thinking on it, if I was ever going to go near Superman. I think it's good that they just had a court case where, basically, if you make another Superman movie, you can't touch Superman growing up - that's part of the story that you can't touch any more. That wouldn't be a bad thing. I think everybody's a bit sick of seeing the origin story." Sick of it? A great attitude for someone who is going to tell us Clark Kent's story. Comic Book Resources has a video interview with the director here. No word on what he's going to do, however. Sorta' keep watching, see how "DARK" they can make it, as Warner Brothers has requested.

TV DVD News has posted info about "thirtysomething" (Season 1) here, "The Rockford Files" (Movie Collection Vol.1) here, "Ally McBeal" (Complete Series) here, "Superman: The Animated Series" (Complete Series) here, "Castle" (Season 1) here, "Justice League" (Complete Series) here.


Variety reports here that Captain Marvel has, once again, been brought back from the dead. Bill Burch and Geoff Johns are working on a new script for a Warner Brothers adaptation (originally known as Billy Batson and the Legend of Shazam. says here that Peter Segal is still attached to direct, but no word on if Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is still signed to play Black Adam. The project has been up and down so many times it is more like a comic book villain than one of the great heroes.

Bourne 4

The Hollywood Reporter tells us here that it looks like the fourth movie in the franchise (slated for a July 2011 release) may have 2 "parallel" scripts. It seems that while George Nolfi submitted a draft screenplay, he has had to step away while he is writing and directing The Adjustment Bureau, so Universal has also tapped Josh Zetumer to do a version. What will show up on the screen? Another Bourne mystery.

The Girl With The Red Riding Hood

Slashfilm says here that Hoodwinked must have done so good that a live action version of the fairy tale is in the worlds over at Warner Brothers and Appian Way. They also say that Catherine Hardwicke has been attached to direct.

Special thanks to Movie for so many of the dynamite movie posters we use from time to time. You cannot find a better place to run down those new or classic posters.

Comic Previews
Comics Continuum has posted preview pages of
Farscape: Gone and Back #2,

Monsters Inc. #1,

Poe #2,

Swordsmith Assassin #1,

Unthinkable #4,

& Witchblade #129,

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