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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Car Toons, Green Lantern, TV DVD News, CSI - The Movie?, God of War, Comic Previews

Car Toons

Animation World Network has reports here that "Car Toons," an animated short series featuring characters from the Cars franchise, will debut on Disney Channel on October 27th. The series consists of three episodes and are all told by Mater the tow-truck.

Green Lantern

Donald De Line spoke to First Showing about the Greg Berlanti film and they posted what he said here. De Line said: "He told me that 'a new draft of the script came in' and they're 'gearing up to start shooting early spring.' While it's not confirmed, he added that 'it's coming together and I'm excited about it. Hopefully we'll make it to start gate. We're really close -- really close.'"

TV DVD News has posted info about "Friends" (Blu-Ray Release) here, "Steve Canyon" (Complete Series) here, "Dallas" (Season 10) here, "Space Ghost Coast to Coast" (Vol. 5) here, "The Sarah Silverman Program" (Season 2, Vol. 1) here, "The Tudors" (Season 2) here.

CSI - The Movie?

William Petersen was talking to TV Guide has about his departure from CSI. He did, however drop some hints about the possibility of a CSI movie. Petersen said: "If this was about going off and making films, I'd stay on CSI. I'd love to see us make a CSI film. That's the other reason Grissom isn't going to die of a brain tumor."

God of War

Strangely enough, it is not Uwe Boll but Brett Ratner who is making a movie based on the "God of War" video game series.

Comic Previews
Comics Continuum has posted preview pages of
Four Eyes #1,

Cyblade #1,

Punisher War Journal #24,

Sub-Mariner: The Depths #2,

Wolverine: Manifest Destiny,

Challenger Deep #2,

& Blood Bowl: Killer Contract #4

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