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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Black Hole, Akira, TV DVD News, Justice League: New Frontier, The Imaginarium Of Dr. Parnassus,Comic Previews

Black Hole

David Fincher is to direct the adaptation of Charles Burns' 12-issue graphic novel series for Paramount Pictures and MTV Films. The project is based on which he wrote and illustrated over a 10-year period. The story (which Burns wrote and illustrated over 10 years) starts when a sexually transmitted "bug" passes between teenagers. Roger Avary and Neil Gaiman wrote the screenplay in March 2006.


Warner Brothers is filming the second version (the first in 1988) of Katsuhiro Otomo's six-volume graphic novel. This time the project will be made into two live-action feature films, the first scheduled for a summer 2009 release. Leonardo DiCaprio is producing the film (and possibly starring). Ruairi Robinson is to direct from a script by Gary Whitta.

TV DVD News has posted info about "Stingray" (Complete Series) here, "The Fugitive" (Season 2, Vol. 1) here, "The Odd Couple" (Season 4) here, "American Gangster" (Season 2) here, "Sinatra" (Mini-series) here, "Hawaii Five-O" (Season 4) here, "CHiPs" (Season 2) here and "Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes" (Season 1) here.

Justice League: New Frontier

Comics2Film has posted this feature about actor David Boreanaz 's take on the role of Hal Jordan: "Hal's an interesting character - - having been part of the Korean War, he's kind of damaged goods, but yet he's striving to get back to being himself. I think Hal's sense of a duality is fascinating - - his holding onto his past, overcoming it, and being heroic with it. It's about coming to an understanding of where your strengths are and where your weaknesses may be - - and as an actor, to go into his dark place and work from there. I found that very appealing."

The Imaginarium Of Dr. Parnassus

Colin Farrell, Jude Law and Johnny Depp will join to help Terry Gilliam finish Heath Ledger's final role. Farrell spoke to the Sydney Daily Telegraph saying: "I will be honored to be part of that. It makes me feel uncomfortable to think about it too much and to get into it really here, but it's an incredibly painful honor . . . and an honor I wish wasn't bestowed (on me), but an honor none-the-less. It's about getting Heath's work out there . . . He's too good for any of his work not to be seen, you know, and I'm really keen and looking forward to doing it and just doing the best job I can do."

Comic Previews
Comics Continuum has posted preview pages of
Cable & Deadpool #50,

Incredible Hercules #114,

Marvel Illustrated: The Iliad #3,

Mighty Avengers #9,

Runaways #29,

Wolverine: Origins #22,

& Ultimate X-Men #91

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