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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Jonah Hex, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, The Muppet Show, Y: The Last Man, CSI: Miami, Mike Fright, Comic Previews

Jonah Hex

Warner Brothers will be adapting the DC Comics' Western anti-hero "Jonah Hex" as a feature film. The disfigured character first appeared in the early 1970s in the issues of "All-Star Western" before getting his own series (which ran for about 10 years) in 1977. That's the good news. The bad news is that filmmakers Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor "are not making a straight-ahead Western but plan to develop the character with some of the supernatural overtones in the hopes of creating a franchise." Some people don't have a clue.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Summer Glau told SCI FI Wire about playing a mysterious girl named Cameron who turns out to be a terminator sent to protect John and Sarah in the upcoming Fox series "The Sarah Connor Chronicles." Glau said: "I didn't think I had a chance at being cast in this role. I've seen [Terminator 3 star] Kristanna Loken in person, and she's so statuesque and she has that icy beauty, and I thought, 'I don't even want to go on this audition. I'm just going to be embarrassed. I'm going to get in the room, and I'm going to be embarrassed.' But she infiltrates. And that's what terminators are going to be now. They infiltrate. They hide. They're not, 'What is that superhuman person?' That's what we're going to do with this series. And, I think, every week people are going to be watching the show going, 'OK, which one is it?'" She said she was daunted at the prospect of taking on an iconic character who doesn't have any emotions to draw upon. "I was, to be honest, very intimidated. I didn't know how to play this character. I've played very vulnerable characters so far, and it's kind of what I do. So playing a girl that can't truly feel anything was very intimidating for me. It was hard to find a way to make the scene interesting. And I worked with Josh a lot of it. And then, in my final test, when I tested for the role, he wrote a third scene where I had to cry. And I was so confused by it at first. And then I realized that he's really going to take this far. She is really human. She can mimic the most subtle human emotions as well as a spy. I called Joss when I got the role, because I wanted his input and what he thought about me doing this. I just love any opportunity for a young girl to be empowered and to play a role like this. I think we can't get enough of that in this day and age. And I think there's still a lot of oppression for girls in Hollywood. I have to be honest. There's a lot of roles that are still degrading, I think, for girls. And I've turned down a lot of things because I want to play roles like this where girls are celebrated and they're empowered and it's inspiring." "The Sarah Connor Chronicles" debuts on Fox in early 2008.

The Muppet Show

TV reported here a rumor that the long spoken of digitally enhanced pilot for a new version of "The Muppet Show" is now in the works at Jim Henson Studios. While all the characters will be original, they will be able to walk around, an anonymous source told the site. The new show is envisioned as a variety show, like the original but, officially, Jim Henson Studios denied that a new pilot is being done.

Y: The Last Man

D.J. Caruso will be developing and directing an adapation of the DC Comics' project "Y: The Last Man" for New Line. Carl Ellsworth will write the screenplay about Yorick, an escape artist who is the only man to survive a mysterious plague that killed every male mammal in the world.

CSI: Miami

CBS has confirmed to E! News that Rory Cochrane, whose character Tim Speedle was killed off during CSI: Miami's third-season, will be back for an unspecified number of episodes this year. A network spokesperson said: "He will be reprising the role of Tim Speedle and it's not a flashback. He will be interacting with his old partner and friend, Eric Delko (Adam Rodriguez)."

Mike Fright: Stand Up!
Check Out: The Mike Fright Site!

The Long Summers of the Setonville Murders
Hannibal Agamemnon is just a small town sheriff. He was going to be a lawyer, but he was drawn back to the little town he came from and they made him sheriff. Ten years ago, a series of vicious child murders grabbed the national headlines and brought the FBI into quiet little Setonville. The murders were never solved, and after a while things died down. Hannibal retired, and he and his wife were happy. And now it is all starting again.

Comic Previews
Comics Continuum has posted preview pages of
Amazing Spider-Man #542,

Fantastic Five #2,

X-Men: First Class #2,

Heroes for Hire #12,

Onslaught Reborn #4,

& Silver Surfer Requiem #3,

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