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Friday, March 27, 2009

Wonder Woman, The Strange Adventures of H.P. Lovecraft, TV DVD News, Code Name: Zeus, Iron Man: Armored Adventures, Comic Previews

Wonder Woman

IESB claims here that new Silver Films' Andrew Rona is in charge of bringing the Princess of the Amazons to the big screen. Supposedly because "Watchmen" is looking large, and "Green Lantern" has been green lighted, they think this one may finally fly by 2011. Or, here we go again?

The Strange Adventures of H.P. Lovecraft

Coming reports here that Imagine Entertainment have purchased the rights to Image Comics' graphic novel (which will be in stores April 8) as a potential directing vehicle for Ron Howard. Created by Mac Carter (who will write the script) and Jeff Blitz, the book mixes the nightmares of the man's personal life with his own creations.

TV DVD News has posted info about "Zorro: Generation Z" (Vol. 1) here, "Monster Squad" (Complete Series) here & here, "Murder, She Wrote" (Season 10) here, "The Shield" (Season 7) here, "The Secret Saturdays" (Vol. 1) here, "Days That Shook the World" (Season 2) here.

Code Name: Zeus

Screen Rant has posted an article here about the upcoming comic that Graykin Entertainment is pushing to be made into a film. They posted some flash video from the projuect and also this link to a downloadable copy of the premeire issue.

Iron Man: Armored Adventures

The trailer for the new series is available here, along with other Marvel news and episodes of other animated product.

Comic Previews
Comics Continuum has posted preview pages of
Angel: Blood and Trenches #2,

G.I. Joe #4,

G.I. Joe Movie Prequel #2,

Transformers Spotlight: Jazz,

The Transformers: Maximum Dinobots #4,

Star Trek: Countdown #4,

& Star Trek: Crew #2

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