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Monday, December 1, 2008

New Moon, Genesis: Apes, TV DVD News, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, The Expendables, Comic Previews

New Moon

Shock Til You Drop says here that the 2010 "Twilight" sequel will begin shooting in Italy this March. Kristen Stewart said: "A lot of the book takes place in Italy, and I think we're going to get to go to Italy, which is so cool. For a while there, they were like, Oh, we don't know if we have the money, but now I think we may have the money!"

Genesis: Apes

CHUD says here that the rumored 2011 prequel to "The Planet of the Apes" and its sequels is becoming more than just a rumor. Fox exec Tom Rothman said: "We are very close at Fox on a new Apes script- this one a kind of prequel story before the first story, with a return to the social thematics that mark the first one, but with an entirely contemporary setting - Earth 2009."

TV DVD News has posted info about "Bewitched" (Season 7) here, "My Two Dads" (Season 1) here, "Chowder" (Vol. 2) here, "Ghost Hunters" (Season 4, Part 2) here, "The Invaders" (Season 2) here, "The Red Green Show" (2001 Season) here.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Screen Rant says here that Taylor Kitsch is playing Gambit in the upcoming Hugh Jackman film and they also have the first photo of the actor in the role. Here in Moviehole Jackman had this to say about the film's prospects: "If it's clear to us on May second or third that that's gone, then I'll walk away happily. I'm not going to flog something - or flog a dead horse, or try and make movies that people don't really want to go and see. I have no interest in that. Even no matter how much I love the character. So there are many prerequisites."

The Expendables

Moviehole says here that Jean Claude Van Damme turned down the role that Dolph Lundgren is now playing in the 2010 Sylvester Stallone film (that also stars Jet Li) . Why? He says he doesn’t like to share screen time. Make your own joke here.

Comic Previews
Comics Continuum has posted preview pages of
Thor #600,


Shadow Chronicles #1,

Batman #681,

Trinity #26,

Superman #682,

& Justice Society of America
Kingdom Come Special: The Kingdom

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