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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dollhouse, Lost Planet, TV DVD News, Invincible, Wanted 2, Comic Previews


Sci Fi Wire has posted here a story about Joss Whedon coming to terms with Fox to do his series. Among those things said, Whedon is quoted as saying: "The understanding that I reached was with myself. That I had to be realistic about what the network expected of me and about what the chances for the show would be. Like, I fell in love with Firefly in a very blind and adolescent way. And I tried to meet the network halfway. But at the same time, you know, it was agony. Everything was agony for me. And now I come at it with a little distance. Not artistic distance. But just, you know, the grown-up attitude of, you go through certain steps. You do your best. You work with them. And you pick the people you're working with. You look for sanity and you look for intelligence. So far, I have found a great deal of both in the executives at Fox. If I had gone there and pitched to them, and they had not understood what I was telling them, I think I would have known."

Lost Planet

Warner Brothers has confirmed that David Hayter will be writing the script for the adaptation of the Capcom (who will co-fiance) game "Lost Planet." Hayter says: "There is gap in Hollywood between people who write good movies and those who appreciate good video games. I'm fortunate enough to be in both worlds. For myself, I try to make an effort to take the essence of the game, keep as much of that as possible, and still put it into a proper film structure. When they gave me Lost Planet to play to see if I wanted to write the movie, I looked at the environments, I looked at the vital suits, the armor, the creatures, and watched the story. While I couldn't take those scenes and put them up verbatim, I can appreciate the core of the story and what it is about the character's journeys that grab people."

TV DVD News has posted info about "The Incredible Hulk" (Complete Series) here, "Smallville" (Season 7) here, "The Streets of San Francisco" (Season 2, Vol. 2) here, "The 4400" (Complete Series) here, "C.S.I." (Season 8) here, "7th Heaven" (Season 7) here, and "The Wild, Wild West" (Complete Series) here.


The New York Times reports here that the Robert Kirkman/Cory Walker property is being prepared be an animated comic on iTunes, MTV2, Xbox Live, MTV Mobile, and other mobile platforms. David Gale, executive vice president of MTV New Media, said: "I like to think of it as cinematic comics - - digital cinematic comics. When you're looking for a movie property or television property, first and foremost you look for a great story. It’s a single creator following a great story arc. I think it's important that in this age you really give the freedom to the consumer. If all you do is put it on a Web site and ask for them to find it, it's very challenging. I also think the evolution of download-to-own is becoming such an expected format for people to get content."

Wanted 2

Variety has posted here that Universal Pictures has begun work on a sequel with director Timur Bekmambetov and writers Michael Brandt and Derek Haas. They want James McAvoy back, though after the end of the first film, that may not be easy. But where there is box office, there is a way.

Comic Previews
Comics Continuum has posted preview pages of
Marvel 1985 #3,

X-Force #5,

X-Factor #33,

Omega: The Unknown #10,

Moon Knight #20,

Marvel Illustrated: The Iliad #8,

& War is Hell:
The First Flight of The Phantom Eagle #5

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