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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

All Together Now, Superman: Man of Steel, TV DVD News, Metropolis, Inglorious Bastards, Comic Previews

All Together Now

If you could get the surviving Beatles band members, widows and their producer reuniting to rise above a reputation for discord and collaborate on a lavish stage show with Cirque de Soleil, it would be "All Together Now." The film shows Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr working with Yoko Ono, George Harrison's widow Olivia and The Beatles' producer Sir George Martin remixing their music for the 21st century with the Las Vegas stage production of "Love." The film's Canadian director, Adrian Wills said: "I wanted to tell this story about these people who are myths. They're mythic characters. This was a way for them to sort of deal with their past in a way that was in the present."

Superman: Man of Steel

Brandon Routh spoke here to about returning as the world's most famous Kryptonian, saying: "I think it seems as though [the 'Justice League' movie is] not happening, it's on the back burner right now so it's just 'Man of Steel' now. I know, they're busy writing a script and then I trust we'll be starting next year, early next year. That's my timeline anyway."

TV DVD News has posted info about "C.S.I.: NY" (Season 4) here & here, "C.S.I.: Miami" (Season 6) here, "Nash Bridges" (Season 1) here, "Mission: Impossible" (Season 5) here, "Charmed" (Complete Series) here, "Adam-12" (Season 2) here, and "Deadwood" (Complete Series) here.


Fritz Lang's 1927 silent masterpiece, for many years available only as a scratchy, washed-out print, has been painstakingly restored frame by frame by Kino International and is due to be released on high-definition Blu-ray disc in 2009. The film was restored in 2002, on the 75th anniversary of the original release and included a new soundtrack based on the original score.

Inglorious Bastards

According to this story in The Guardian, Quentin Tarantino plans to release his new film in two parts. After working on a screenplay for more than six years he is said to be eager to begin shooting on the film which has a 2010 release projection (at least for the first 1/2).

Comic Previews
Comics Continuum has posted preview pages of
Avengers Fairy Tales #3,

Avengers: The Initiative #14,

Captain America #39,

Daredevil #108,

Immortal Iron Fist #16,

Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #37,

& Marvel Illustrated: Moby Dick #5

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