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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Yiddish Policemen's Union, Speed Racer, TV DVD News, Strike News, Tolkien Lawsuit, Comic Previews

The Yiddish Policemen's Union

Variety reports that Columbia Pictures has chosen Joel and Ethan Coen to adapt and direct the film version of the Michael Chabon alternate-universe novel "The Yiddish Policemen's Union." The story takes place an America where Jewish settlers are to be displaced by government plans to return their town of Sitka, Alaska, to Alaskan natives. Playing out within that reality is a noir mystery about a rogue cop investigating the murder of a heroin-addict chess prodigy who might also be the messiah.

Speed Racer

Moviehole interviewed Matthew Fox about many things in this posting. Talking about playing Racer X, Fox said: "I didn't know 'Speed Racer' at all. Again, getting back to that thing about how directors are very important, when the Wachowskis [Andy & Larry] asked to meet with me, I guess they're fans of Lost and they had an idea that I might be Racer X, and I went into the meeting never knowing anything about 'Speed Racer.' I wanted to work with the Wachowskis. That meeting went great and I went home with a script, and I got the source material and watched a lot of 'Speed Racer,' and the script blew me away and then I went after that role. I went back to L.A. and I really went after that role, I wanted it, and it took like six weeks. Working with the Wachowskis and the cast on this particular film, and what this film is going to be like, how much it's a game-changer in my opinion, was an extraordinary experience, it was amazing."

TV DVD News has posted info about "BTTF: The Animated Series" (Complete Series) here, "Hotel Babylon" (Season 1) here, "The Jackie Gleason Show" (Color Honeymooners, Vol. 3) here, "Burke's Law" (Season 1, Vol. 1) here, "Speed Racer: The Next Generation" (Complete Series) here, "The Shield" (Season 6) here, "Joey" (Season 2) here and "Paranormal State" (Season 1) here.

Strike News

It looks as though the February 24 80th Annual Academy Awards telecast will happen, and may have had a great deal to do with the settlement. WGA chief negotiator David Young said: "It was going to be a huge thing for the industry to lose the Oscars." And, because it is what most people are asking: "When will my favorite scripted programs be back with new episodes? And, WILL my favorite shows be back?" Yahoo News tells us here.

Tolkien Lawsuit

Because the J.R.R. Tolkien estate claims New Line Cinema executives are in arears for a large amount of royalties on the film trilogy. Both the Tolkien Trust charity and HarperCollins have joined forces to sue the film company for the promised seven per cent of $6 billion at the international box office gross receipts. from the films to Tolkien's estate. The lawsuit estimates the three films have made $6 billion at the international box office. The Wall Street Journal reports that Time Warner is considering folding New Line into its Warner Bros. division or keeping them as a separate production unit with Warner Bros. handling its distribution, either way the company would be reduced to producing low-budget films as it did instead of blockbusters like The Lord of the Rings trilogy. No word on "The Hobbit," the Lord of the Rings prequel, which New Line is scheduled to film this year.

Comic Previews
Comics Continuum has posted preview pages of
Dead of Night Featuring Man-Thing #1,

Fantastic Four: The Lost Adventure #1,

Iron Man and Power Pack #4,

Nova Annual #1,

Wolverine #62,

X-Factor #28,

& X-Force #1

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