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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ryan: Jack Ryan, Oscar Nominations, TV DVD News, Strike News, Golden Raspberry Awards, Comic Previews

Ryan: Jack Ryan

In a story here, says that in a film that won't be based on any of Tom Clancy's books Ryan Gosling will play CIA analyst Jack Ryan. The role has been taken on by Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford and Ben Affleck in the past, but now filmmaker Phillip Noyce claims the role has been aimed at the star of "Lars and the Real Girl." Noyce said Paramount wants to make a "young Jack Ryan" film.

Oscar Nominations

The Academy Award Nominations are here on the official site.

TV DVD News has posted info about "Soul Food" (Season 3) here, "The Pink Panther Show" (Vol. 6) here, "Burke's Law" (Season 1, Vol. 1) here, "B.L. Stryker" (Season 1) here, "Laverne & Shirley" (Season 4) here, "The Big Gay Sketch Show" (Season 2) here and "The Invaders" (Vol. 1) here.

Strike News

The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers reports that the writers' strike has cost them well over $220 million. Now, informal talks between Patric Verrone & David Young (of the Writers Guild of America) and Disney CEO Robert Iger and News Corp President Peter Chernin are expected to take place in Los Angeles to decide if talks between the writers and the studios will resume. There have been no formal talks since Dec. 7, when the studios broke off, saying publicly that they would not entertain the WGA's demands to have jurisdiction over reality and animated shows and films. On a side note, the New York Times has posted an investigation here explaining how soap operas are still on the air. They say: "A handful of writers, for 'All My Children,' 'One Life to Live' and 'General Hospital' on ABC and 'The Young and the Restless' on CBS, have officially crossed picket lines to return to work in recent weeks, invoking a guild designation known as 'financial core,' or financial need. Much of the writing is being done by network executives, producers, secretaries and, some union members insist, scabs who are either writing sub rosa or slipping plot points to management."

Golden Raspberry Awards

The nominations are available at their home site, here.

Comic Previews
Comics Continuum has posted preview pages of
Wild Cards: The Hard Call,

Amazing Spider-Man #549,

Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter: Guilty Pleasures #8,

Mice Templar #3,

& New World Order #1

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