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Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Invisible Man, Captain America, TV DVD News, The Long Kiss Goodnight 2, The Big Chill, Mike Fright, Comic Previews

The Invisible Man

David Goyer will write and direct "The Invisible Man" for Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment. Described as both a "new take" and a sequel to the H.G. Wells' story, the film would center on a British nephew of the original "Invisible Man," who discovers his uncle's formula for achieving invisibility, and is recruited by British intelligence agency MI5 during WWII. Brian Grazer is to produce the film.

Captain America

Kevin Feige, President of production at Marvel Studios, announced that "Captain America" is in the works. He said: "We'll have to play with Captain America as being a patriotic propoganda machine on one hand but also being a very human Steve Rogers, . . . [an] interesting, fascinating hero in his own right." Fiege told reporters that the story is a period piece with modern-day setting as well, and will likely be a PG-13 film. The writer will be David Self.

TV DVD News has news "Star Trek: The Next Generation" having a complete series release here. Season 3 of "Numb3rs" is talked about here. There is word about "Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes" over here. There is also "Legion of Super-Heroes" stuff here and "Sam & Max: Freelance Police" stuff here.

The Long Kiss Goodnight 2

Samuel L. Jackson told MTV News that one of Jackson's personal favourite characters (Mitch Henessey) in "The Long Kiss Goodnight" may soon be back. Jackson said: "We sort of have a development project now for 'The Long Kiss Goodnight 2'. We're talking to writers, you know, getting it together."

The Big Chill

Screen Gems is "rethinking" "The Big Chill." The new version, which isl likely to be retitled, will update the story and have the characters looking back at their lives in the 1990s instead of the '60s .

Mike Fright: Stand Up!
Check Out: The Mike Fright Site!

Infinity Express
Cecil W. McCall loved his Uncle Shelby. When the old man disappeared and was presumed dead, it affected him greatly. Then came the package, his uncle's legacy. In the package were Time Bands: devices that promised to take the wearer back in time. But Uncle Shelby hadn't left much in the way of instructions. So when McCall accidentally set them off, he was thrown back into the Victorian era, without much preparation. Being a comic and a trivia expert wasn't a lot of help, but being a history nut was. When he saw he was in the England of Jack The Ripper
he knew what he had to do. With the aid of
Arthur Conan Doyle & the Real Sherlock Holmes,

he sets out to catch the Ripper, find his Uncle and go home.
On the way he meets
Adam Worth (The Real Professor Moriarty),
Dr. Treves & The Elephant Man,
Bram Stoker, Gilbert & Sullivan,
Gaston Leroux (Creator of "The Phantom of the Opera"),
William Brodie, Rasputin and the Real Dracula.
He also runs into a time-traveling salesman,
Time Police and the forerunners of the Mafia.
And that is only the beginning . . .

Comic Previews
Comics Continuum has posted preview pages of
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #21,

Sinbad - Rogue of Mars #1,

True Story, Swear to God #6,

PvP #34,

Archie #576,

& Tales from Riverdale Digest #21

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