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Friday, December 15, 2006

Risico, Mortal Armor: The Legend of Galahad, Dirt Music, Tarzan, Golden Globes, Drive, Mike Fright, Comic Previews


IGN has posted the rumor that the next Bond after "Casino Royale" will be based on the Ian Fleming short story Risico, from the 1960 book "For Your Eyes Only." A source in the British tabloid The Sun wrote: "Bosses were so pleased with how well Casino Royale has been received that work has already commenced on Risico at Pinewood Studios. Some of the same characters will crop up again. But one of the main aspects will be to develop Bond's complex personality." Risico's plot and characters were already used for the 1981 film version of "For Your Eyes Only," with 007 sent to Italy to investigate a heroin ring and then he crosses paths with Colombo and Kristatos. Few expect a lot of style similarities with the Roger Moore version.

Mortal Armor: The Legend of Galahad

Variety says that Laurence Dunmore will direct "Mortal Armor: The Legend of Galahad," for Seven Arts Pictures. Production on the "coming of age, while seeking the Holy Grail" story is to start next summer in the U.K.. Gale Anne Hurd will produce the Joel Gross script. Hurd said: "Laurence's (Dunmore's) vision for the film is modern in its approach yet steeped in the timelessness of this compelling classic."

Dirt Music

The Hollywood Reporter says the Phillip Noyce directed adaptation of Tim Winton's "Dirt Music" is getting underway on location in Australia next year. Justin Monjo and Pip Karmel are writing the screenplay. Rachel Weisz and Heath Ledger had been announced as stars, but Ledger has withdrawn due to scheduling conflicts on "The Dark Knight."


Variety says that Warner Brothers and Jerry Weintraub are developing a new "Tarzan" and are in talks with Guillermo del Toro to direct it. Del Toro said: "I'd love to create a new version that is still a family movie, but as edgy as I can make it. There are strong themes of survival of a defenseless child left behind in the most hostile environment." Del Toro also said that he wouldn't "help" or meddle in John Collee's proposed script.

Golden Globes

Empire Movies has up a list of the Golden Globe nominations here, just in case you haven't heard enough about them already.


Nathan Fillion is playing the lead in Fox's midseason drama series "Drive," about an underground race across America. Fillion will portray Alex Tully, described as "a charming, rogue landscaper who is coerced into joining the race to search for his wife who had been abducted." Ivan Sergei took on the role in the original pilot for executive producer Tim Minear. Fillion was first approached with the project in the spring but couldn't do the pilot because of a scheduling conflict with the filming of his feature "White Noise 2: The Light," to be released January 5. Fillion said: "I was a little disappointed because Tim is a friend, and there is nothing better than working with people you know and like." At a summer barbecue, after the pilot was shot but before Fox picked it up to series, Minear asked Fillion to watch what was in the can, and Fillion enthusiastically agreed to do the series.

Mike Fright: Stand Up!

Check Out: The Mike Fright Site!

Comic Previews
ComicsContinuum has posted preview pages for
The Escapists #6,

Outer Orbit #1,

Conan #35,

Criminal Macabre:
Two Red Eyes #1,

Ghost in the Shell 1.5:
Human-Error Processor #3,

Hellgate: London #2,

& Rex Mundi #3

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