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Monday, August 31, 2009

The Avengers, Spawn Animated, Stargate SG-1, TV DVD News, The Blob, Pirate Latitudes, Yellow Submarine, Comic Previews

The Avengers

MTV spoke here with director Matthew Vaughn who said he is openly campaigning for the chance to direct the Marvel Studios adaptation. Vaughn said: "I was desperate to do 'Iron Man' about 8 years ago, and everyone was like, 'Iron Man, no one will go watch that,'… Cut to now, and it's a huge hit. I grew up watching superhero films, so I want to make superhero films. [I'd] love to do 'The Avengers,' and Superman… I think it would be great to reinvent Superman." Reinvent Superman? I know those words, and I hate them. The film is scheduled to be released May 4, 2012.

Spawn Animated

On his Twitter page Todd MacFarlane said here that he is working on the show, as well as another feature. He said: "For those that've asked, the SPAWN ANIMATED show will be back in Hollywood's face in 2010. Legal issues delayed it past few years."

Stargate SG-1

Sci Fi Wire tells us here that producer Robert C. Cooper has announced the continuation of the DVD features based the series, but not right away. Cooper said: "Since [the release of the first two films - 'Stargate: Continuum' and 'Stargate: The Ark of Truth'], the economics have changed a little bit. DVDs aren't selling the same way they were when we released those even just a year, and a year and a half ago. We're ready to go. We're just waiting for the right opportunity. We want to be successful with it. The studio wants to be successful, and we really don't want to proceed with something in the wrong climate, which I think financially it is right now."

TV DVD News has posted info about "JAG" (Season 9) here, "Saturday Night Live" (Season 5) here, "The Sarah Jane Adventures" (Season 2) here, "Robot Chicken" (Season 4) here, "7th Heaven" (Season 5) here, "Drawn Together" (Complete Series) here.

The Blob

Variety reports that Rob Zombie wants to make a second remake of the Steve McQueen break-out film. Zombie says: "I'd been looking to break out of the horror genre, and this really is a science fiction movie about a thing from outer space… I intend to make it scary, and the great thing is I have the freedom once again to take it in any crazy direction I want to. My intention is not to have a big red blobby thing -- that's the first thing I want to change… That gigantic Jello-looking thing might have been scary to audiences in the 1950s, but people would laugh now." Ah Rob, is there any franchise you won't remake without understanding why it was a success in the first place?

Pirate Latitudes

USA Today says here that Steven Spielberg is developing the unpublished Michael Crichton novel into a 2011 feature. This is the synopsis from the book: "The Caribbean, 1665. A remote colony of the English crown, the island of Jamaica holds out against the vast supremacy of the Spanish empire. Devoid of London's luxuries, Port Royal, its capital, is a cutthroat town of taverns, grog shops, and bawdy houses. In this steamy climate, life can end swiftly by dysentery - or dagger. But for a daring soul like Captain Edward Hunter, this wild outpost in the New World can also lead to great fortune, if he abides by the island's code. In the name of His Majesty King Charles II of England, gold in Spanish hands is gold for the taking and the law of the land rests with those ruthless enough to make it. Word in port is that the Spanish galleon El Trinidad, fresh from New Spain, is awaiting repairs in nearby Matanceros. Heavily fortified, the impregnable Spanish harbor is guarded by the bloodthirsty Cazalla, a favorite commander of King Philip IV. With the Jamaican governor's backing, Hunter assembles a crew of ruffians to infiltrate the enemy island and commandeer the galleon and its fortune in Spanish gold. The raid is as perilous as the bloodiest tales of Matanceros legend, and Hunter will lose more than one man before he makes it onto the island's shores, where dense jungle and the firepower of Spanish infantry stand between him and the treasure.With the help of his cunning band, Hunter hijacks El Trinidad and escapes the deadly clutches of Cazalla, leaving plenty of carnage in his wake. But the danger - and adventure - are only just beginning…" About the film Spielberg says: "Michael wrote a real page-turner that already seems suited for the big screen… Michael and I have had almost two decades of solid collaborations. Whenever I made a film from a Michael Crichton book or screenplay, I knew I was in good hands. Michael felt the same, and we like to think he still does." David Koepp is writing the adaptation, and Spielberg will definitely produce and may direct.

Yellow Submarine

Variety reports here that Robert Zemeckis will be directing a remake in "Motion Capture" & "Disney Digital 3D." No official release date for the film has been announced, but Disney is aiming for sometime before the 2012 Olympics.

Special thanks to Movie for so many of the dynamite movie posters we use from time to time. You cannot find a better place to run down those new or classic posters.

Comic Previews
Comics Continuum has posted preview pages of
Mystic Comics 70th Anniversary Special #1,

House of M: Masters of Evil #2,

Exiles #6,

Deadpool #15,

Cable #18,

Immortal Weapons #2,

& Daring Mystery Comics 70th Anniversary Special #1

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