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Monday, August 18, 2008

Fools Rush In, Cryptozoo Crew, TV DVD News, Kick-Ass, Punisher: War Zone, Comic Previews

Fools Rush In

Liam Neeson and Orlando Bloom are to star in an as yet untitled movie based on the book by Bill Carter. The book tells about the period of time when Carter lived and worked as an aid worker in Sarajevo during the Balkans war siege that lasted 43 months. Javier Bardem is negotiating for a supporting role. Andrucha Waddington will direct when filming starts in Sarajevo later this year.

Cryptozoo Crew

The graphic novel by Jerry Carr and Allan Gross is to be adapted as a feature film by Alcon Entertaiment. Joe Gazzam is writing the script about a secret organization that protects the identity of strange and rare animals classified as Cryptids. For more about the book go here.

TV DVD News has posted info about "South Park" (Cult of Cartman) here, "The Real Ghostbusters" (Complete Series) here, "Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist" (Best of . . .) here, "Swingtown" (Season 1) here, "Futurama" (Bender's Game) here, "Lil' Bush: Resident of the United States" (Season 2) here and "Spin City" (Season 2) here.


The Hollywood Reporter says here that Matthew Vaughn is going to direct an adaptation of the Mark Millar comic. Production is set to begin in the fall.

Punisher: War Zone says here that the film is surprising everyone (especially anyone who has read the book) by campaigning for a PG-13 rating.

Comic Previews
Comics Continuum has posted preview pages of
Young X-Men #5,

X-Men: First Class #15,

X-Factor #34,

Uncanny X-Men #501,

Squadron Supreme 2 #2,

Skrulls vs. Power Pack #2,

& Marvel 1985 #4,

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