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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Amelia, Hellboy 2: The Golden Army, TV DVD News, Iron Man, Shortened Seasons Extended, Comic Previews


In Toronto this weekend they were filming the Mira Nair directed Amelia Earhart film called "Amelia," starring Hilary Swank and Richard Gere. There are photos here at Empire Online, as well as the promise of soon to be posted video. The movie follows the relationship between Earhart and publisher-promoter George Putnam (Gere), whom Earhart eventually married.

Hellboy 2: The Golden Army

Ron Perlman told Sci Fi Wire in this story that he always expected a sequel. He said: "I was a little worried. But of all the people involved in 'Hellboy,' I think I was the only one that knew there would be a second film. Everyone I spoke to said it was a long shot, and it didn't look good. But I said, 'It's going to happen. [Guillermo del Toro's] over there doing 'Pan's Labyrinth,' and when he's done, the stars will line up, and we are going to do 'Hellboy 2.' I was actually slightly intimidated at the second one when I read it, because Hellboy is really out of it emotionally in this movie. He is very vulnerable and in intense pain, because his relationship with Liz [Sherman]. They are in that part of the relationship where there is no longer the heat, and the honeymoon is over."

TV DVD News has posted info about "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" (Season 1) here, "Sports Night" (Complete Series) here, "Dave's World" (Season 1) here, "Dexter" (Season 2) here, "Caroline in the City" (Season 1) here and here, "Perry Mason" (Season 3) here, and "The Love Boat" (Season 1, Vol. 2) here.

Iron Man

There is a lot of talking going on about this film, with the upcoming release only days away. Robert Downey Jr. said this about the future of the franchise at IGN: "Well, if you ask me, the next one is about what do you do with the rest of your life once you've completely changed. You've created this thing which has the power to take life. Essentially you have been made into a god. You've been made into a god, and a human being who metaphorically has been made into a god is not going to turn out so well. And their conscience is going to come to bear, and I think he should do something wrong. I think that would be a good reason [to get into] the 'Demon in a Bottle.' I think the drinking and all that stuff would be a good way to confront his age, to confront his doubts, to confront the fact that maybe Pepper gets a boyfriend."
Jon Favreau was quoted here at IGN, also speaking of the future: "
I thought about it. I have one, two, and three in my head, because if you don't then it seems like you're just re-treading the same ground. No, the way the Mandarin fits in, the way War Machine fits in, whether or not Obadiah [Stane] pops up again… There's a lot. The relationship of Pepper. So we're really thinking and I'm watching the horizon as I do these movies so that it all makes sense as you watch them altogether. I mean, look at how well 'Lord of the Rings' works. It builds to a climax, compared to movies where it just feels like you're redoing the same thing over and over again to diminishing returns." The director was quoted by Superhero Hype, saying: "How do you present a comic book movie that reflects that backdrop of the times enough so that you can still feel the cathartic escapism that comic books offer, but don't make it so realistic that you feel like you are facing a reality that doesn't allow you to relax and escape as you go to the movies? I just tried to borrow a lot of the imagery from what you see in the news, set it in Afghanistan versus Vietnam, which is where it was set originally in the sixties, so it wasn't shying away from politics even then. He was captured by Vietcong, and that was pretty hardcore stuff to be doing back in the sixties. I didn't want to shy away from that. Once you get past the initial imagery of the mountains of Afghanistan and the caves and the convoys and the people, the sense that America was involved in a military conflict in the Middle East, once you sort of peel that layer back, you see that we then borrow all of the background of the comics. We really went out of our way to try to avoid make it polarizing as far as what the politics represent, but instead try to maintain an emotional reflection of the fear of our times, and then to have Iron Man step in and not be somebody who could offer a simple solution, but instead be a guy who seemed singularly suited for the challenges of our day. A guy who didn't represent overwhelming military might, but also didn't represent pacifism or isolationism, instead a guy who could go in as a one-man army and separate the good guys from the bad guys and attack the people who are bringing the justice to the world while preserving innocent human life and leaving a very small military footprint where we're involved, so it's sort of an unrealistic fantasy. It's sort of our special forces to the Nth degree."

Finally you can watch a new video clip with or without commentary from Favreau) at Yahoo! Movies.

Shortened Seasons Extended

The Walt Disney Co. plans to release full-season DVDs of its most popular shows, making some adjustments for a season shortened by a strike. They said that the DVDs for this season's Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice and Lost will include extended versions of the TV episodes and will include bonus features. The Grey's Anatomy DVD (to hit the shelves on September 9th) will will be labeled: "The Complete Fourth Season -- Expanded." Private Practice will be: "The Complete First Season -- Extended" and will come out the following week. Lost, the show with The shortest unabbreviated title on TV, Lost, will become: "The Complete Fourth Season -- The Expanded Experience," and come out Dec. 9 and will have segments that will "unlock plot secrets," according to Disney.

Comic Previews
Comics Continuum has posted preview pages of
Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer, Vol. 1,

Mice Templar #4,

Dynamo 5 Annual #1,

Witchblade/Devi #1,

Number of the Beast #2,

Fall of Cthulhu #11,

& The Goon #24

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