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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Lost Squad, Kill Bill 3 & 4?, Samurai Jack, The Lodger, The Alchemist, Mike Fright, Comic Previews

The Lost Squad

Stephen St. Leger and James Mather will write & direct an adaptation of Chris Kirby's "The Lost Squad" for Rogue Pictures. The comic book tells of the supernatural adventures of a squad of U.S. soldiers battling Hitler's occult agents.

Kill Bill 3 & 4?

We know that coming on DVD this November will be "Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair." It will be a 4 disc dvd set with the two Volumes restored to its original version. Now producer E. Bennett Walsh, in an interview with Hangzhou's City Express, has revealed plot details for the possible Kill Bill 3 & 4, and the fact that Quentin Tarantino would return to China to film them. Walsh said that the third film involves the revenge of two killers thought killed by Uma Thurman in the first stories. The fourth film follows reprisals and daughters who avenge their mother's deaths. No official confirmation by Tarantino (though he has already said that he has a story on future "Kill Bill" movies).

Samurai Jack

Fred Seibert, Kevin Kolde and Eric Gardner have created Frederator Films. Their aim is to produce 2-D animated movies with budgets under $20 million. One of the three projects in the works for the studio is "Samurai Jack." Creator Genndy Tartakovsky will both write and direct.

The Lodger

Alfred Hitchcock's 1927 film, "The Lodger," will be updated by David Ondaatje. The original was a tale of Jack the Ripper set in London, the remake will take place in Los Angeles. While the original was based on the hysteria caused by the Ripper's killing spree in 1888, the new adaptation is broken into two converging plot lines. The first involves an unstable landlady and her enigmatic lodger, and the second is about a detective tangled in the search for the unknown killer. Ondaatje adapted the Marie Belloc Lowndes' novel, which served as the basis for the Hitchcock film, which he will also serve as a producer.

The Alchemist

Laurence Fishburne will bring Paulo Coelho's novel "The Alchemist" to the big screen. The actor will direct from his own adaptation of the story about a journey around the world during the Inquisition, in order to find man's purpose in the world. Fishburne calls the film "Harry Potter meets Indiana Jones," the sweeping adventure of a young Spaniard who goes on a quest to find treasure within the Egyptian pyramids and rather discovers a personal treasure of far greater value.

Mike Fright: Stand Up!
Check Out: The Mike Fright Site!

The Inheritors
What if you always dreamed of becoming a superhero? What if, instead of that dream coming true, you found you had gained the power to make other people superpowerful? And what if dark forces and monied interests wanted you to work for them, at any cost? On top of that, what if you were just a kid?

Comic Previews
Comics Continuum has posted preview pages of
World War Hulk: Front Line #1,

X-Factor #21,

Thunderbolts #115,

Wolverine: Origins #15,

& New X-Men #40,

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