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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

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Henson Co. Feature Developments

Variety reports that Jim Henson Co. is in development of a trio of fantasy properties: Susan Cooper's "The Boggart," Edward Gorey's "The Doubtful Guest," and D.M. Cornish's trilogy "Monster Blood Tattoo." Using a blend of computer animation and animatronics the Henson Creature Workshop will set to creating all three projects. "The Boggart" has a family from Toronto inheriting a haunted Scottish castle, and is seen as a live-action family feature with Brian Henson directing. "The Doubtful Guest," about a creature that shows up at a family-owned bed and breakfast, Brad Peyton directing and Matthew Huffman adapting the screenplay. "Monster Blood Tattoo" is a trilogy about the world of the Half Continent, a magical Victorian realm. There an orphan embarks on a perilous quest to become a monster bounty hunter.


Moviehole has an article in which writer Marty Mustov talks about adapting the Top Cow comic for Platinum Studios and Arclight Films. Mustov says: "We're taking 'Witchblade' strongly in the direction of supernatural horror. We're also writing it with the idea of a sequel in mind. The first film will be about introducing the world of the Witchblade, establishing its powers, and the origin story of the female protagonist -- the one who is destined to wield it against evil."

Indiana Jones 4

Box Office Mojo tells us that Paramount Pictures has set the release date for the "Indiana Jones 4" for May 22, 2008. That's Memorial Day weekend, when the past two Indiana Jones films and the last two Star Wars films were released.

John Carter of Mars

Animated News reports that The Walt Disney Co. is set to join with Robert Zemeckis, Jack Rapke and Steve Starkey to form a new 3-D motion capture company. The Jim Hill Media site is speculating on the deal, their inside sources saying that the new company may be set to bringing about the filming of the "John Carter of Mars" film, whose rights Disney recently acquired. Ahh, a new Princess for the Disney line up.

The Power of the Dark Crystal

Muppet Central Forum reports that "The Power of the Dark Crystal" has not been cancelled, rather that the film is on track to finish post-production by the end of the year, and will debut at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2008.

Lipstick Jungle

Candace Bushnell's "Lipstick Jungle" has now added Brooke Shields to the TV series cast. The one-hour pilot for NBC, is about three rich, power-hungry professional women in New York City. Shield plays a movie studio president and harried wife and mother to three children.

Iron Man

Jeff Bridges will portray a confidant and close business associate of Stark and a major player in the shaping Stark's life. Kevin Feige, Marvel's president of production, said: "We've been talking to Jeff for long time. There are many facets to this character which I can't discuss, but looking at the spectrum of all of Jeff's roles, this fits in nicely with the man who played 'Starman,' 'Tucker,' 'Big Lebowski,' with a little bit of 'Tron' thrown in."

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Martin Henderson and Jordana Brewster will play the title characters in ABC's adaptation of the hit film "Mr. and Mrs. Smith." Doug Liman is directing the pilot.

Mike Fright: Stand Up!
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