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Monday, January 8, 2007

Not The Hulk, Pixar Park Rides, Heroes, Turok, Son of Stone, Outsourced,Rabbit Hole, Mike Fright, Comic Previews

Not The Hulk is clearing up the rumor that has been rife across the internet. They say that Marvel has never approached Dominic Purcell about the title role in "The Incredible Hulk." Purcell says: "The whole thing was a rumor. Marvel never approached me. It was just a rumor." Would he think about it, if asked? "Depending, you know? Really, I loved the first 'Hulk.' Obviously, if they can come up with that kind of concept, I would have loved to have done it, but they didn't and again, it was just all rumor."
The ComingSoon article is here.

Pixar Park Rides

The Walt Disney Company has spoken of a number of planned additions to its theme parks that will be based on movies produced with Pixar. The venerable "Submarine Voyage" (which opened in 1959) will be resurrected as the "Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage" Nemo will also inspire new attractions at Disney's Florida park beside "Finding Nemo -- the Musical." An aquarium called "The Seas with Nemo and Friends" will open soon, along with other DisneyWorld attractions will be based on "Monsters Inc."
and "Cars."


Netflix subscribers, according to, will get an exclusive chance to rent the already shown 11 episodes of "Heroes" on DVD, plus a couple of other NBC pilots, starting on January 9. The whole story is here.

Turok, Son of Stone

In The Animator's Guild weblog posts a report that a "Turok, Son of Stone" direct-to-video animated movie is in the works. That report is confirmed in an interview with Tad Stones at the Major Spoilers weblog. Stones states that he is "starting production" on the project and has recruited a number of Warner Brothers Animation alumni to be a part of it. Based on the 1954 Dell comic book about a pre-Colombian Indian hunting dinosaurs in a hidden land the comics moved through two more publishers before ceasing publication in 1998. Turok was also the basis for a successful video game for the Nintendo 64 system.


Hank Azaria plans to make his feature directing debut on the comedy "Outsourced" for Columbia Pictures. When an American factory shuts down and moves to Mexico two workers follow south of the border to get their jobs back. Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are in talks to play the leads.

Rabbit Hole

Nicole Kidman is producing the bigscreen adaptation of David Lindsay-Abaire's Broadway play "Rabbit Hole." Kidman will also star in the story of a happily married couple whose lives are disrupted by a tragedy and they must take an intensely emotional, redemptive journey to recover. Lindsay-Abaire will write the screenplay.

Mike Fright: Stand Up!


Check Out: The Mike Fright Site!

Comic Previews
Comics Continuum has posted preview pages for
Superman #658,

The Spirit #2,

Grifter and Midnighter #1,

Superman/Batman #34,

Amazing Spider-Man #537,

Civil War: Front Line #10,

& Punisher War Journal #2

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